ofirmie History of our company began in Radomsko in 1890, when Ludwik Grochowski established first Christian Tile Factory, that would be later well-known of manufacturing so-called Berlin tiles. From that time, Grochowski Tilery would be developing the art of baking tiles according to the technological guidelines elaborated by the founder. Later on, it was treated as an obligation to keep the essence of these guidelines consistently during the manufacturing process.

The hardest time for the Grochowski Tilery had come with the outbreak of the Second World War, when company was led by Tadeusz Grochowski. The tilery fortunately endured and again after the war out would step forward on the path of development. During decades of 60’s and 70’s, our company had been noticing growing interest in our products. Thanks to active fundraising, the youngest son of Tadeusz, Kazimierz, started in 1972 modernization of the tilery. He introduced solutions like hydraulic press and gas oven for tile baking, which, as for those times, were very innovative.

Nowadays the traditional tilery of the Grochowski family is among only few manufactures of this sort. Before the war, there had been few hundreds of tileries fully operational in Poland. Today, we can count only 20. Unique technology, tradition and passion create interesting alternative to “mainstream” ceramic tiles that are widely available in the market. The leading opinion of our customer is that an oven or fireside made of hand-made ceramic tiles is the art.

We endeavor for the perfectness in the whole manufacturing process, regardless of which stage of this process we are talking about: forming, baking, glazing or painting. Tradition of manufacturing tiles that give souls to ovens and fireplaces exists in our company till now. We want this process to remain the art for next generations. New development plans were made easier to accomplish after 2004, when our country entered the European Union. From that time our company benefited from EU funds, which we used for production improvements and purchase of technologies friendly for the environment. Simultaneously we introduce changes in designing and available colours, so that our offer is adapted for changing trends as well as to diverse needs of our customers.


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